Counselling and how it can help

What is counselling?

Counselling at first can seem scary, especially when we have never been or returning from having had a negative experience of it.

We might have ideas about what counselling is; someone parroting back or lying on a coach whilst someone listens to us. It can feel scary to make ourselves so vulnerable and to an initial stranger. Trust takes time to build and with time you will be free to disclose what you feel comfortable and safe with, the control is always with you, the client.

Many of you might struggle asking for help, as you may think being strong means being able to deal with it all, this is understandable if we think about the pressures laid on us by societal and cultural expectations, but being strong doesn’t mean that one has to do it alone, in fact taking the first step to self-care and looking deep into understanding our issues and inner conflicts is courageous and part of the human experience. It is far from weakness; it is one of the most courageous things we will do.

It might be difficult for us as the client to believe someone can truly care, but you do matter, your feelings matter, and you deserve to be listened too and heal. You are worthy of this and your own love. Counselling can help us find our self-love, self-compassion and help you unlock these keys to healing.

Counselling isn’t just about someone repeating things back to us or laying on a coach. It is a safe, none judgemental and warm environment where we can explore our feelings and distresses.

We may think we have to plan what to say in sessions, but this is not the case, just talking we discover emotions we didn’t know we were feeling or things about ourselves yet unknown. Whilst we may have things, we come in to talk about, the process can lead us anywhere in terms of discoveries.

There is no set amount of time, we are all individuals and the amount needed will depend on the issue, the person, and how deep things have impacted. There is no right amount of time, you the client will know when you feel ready to leave and there is never an obligation to stay.  The control is with you.

  • How can counselling help you?

My job as your counsellor is to make you feel safe, heard and valued, and work with you to explore issues, look deeper into emotions, gain greater insight and together look at ways to alleviate what is causing pain and to help you gain back a sense of power and control over your life. We will explore the original wound to get to the root of unresolved pain or trauma.

Counselling can help with managing emotions and finding better ways to cope and be in control. It can help identify odd patterns that no longer serve us. It can even help in discovering the self as we can easily lose our sense of self in the chaos and with life expectations of who we should be rather than who we wish to be.

Counselling is a journey into the unknown but one that can enrich our lives and lead to the healing of inner conflicts and in the discovery of who we are and wish to live as. It can help us connect to our inner being, our inner child, our minds and bodies, our feelings; our essence, for us to grow stronger in our abilities to cope with adversities and find self-fulfilment.

It can help you find compassion and self-love for yourself and for others in all areas of your life, to understand unhealthy patterns you have in your life so that you can break them and to help you understand and connect with self and people on a deeper level.