Male rape

Rape doesn’t just happen to females, it happens also to us males, just as equally we never feel the same.

The crime doesn’t make us gay, How can you think that in this modern day?

The myths are still as strong, mocked for being victims of this wrong.

Silenced by the shame, masculinity is to blame. Stereotypes are destructive, shaming us is not constructive.

Made to feel less of a man, from society we are banned.

Made to feel ashsmed, what happened to us can never be named.

It doesn’t happen to men, are you sure? I challenge you to think again, you’ll be surprised at the number of men.

The pain is just the same, the intensity of the shame, our bodies not our own. Rape against men we cannot condone. Men are silenced and all alone.

It doesn’t just happen in prison cells, it’s just that men fear to tell. But trust me when I say, men have also been to hell.

Please don’t leave men in the dark, the crime is just the same, even on men it leaves a mark, don’t leave them empty, alone in the dark.

Fight with them; have a heart.

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