Walking dead infected by the deadly virus of patriarchy, oppression, slavery, exploitation, prisoners of societal control, conditioning and expectations, decaying in this controlled system begging for liberation. Rats in a cage, society the experimental lab, turning the world mad. In this cage we age, losing track of the days. Stuck in useless education, jobs that exploit us throughout the nation. Manipulated into the system, threatened with the power others have, the hierarchy  of capitalism and corruption, leaders with no conscious or emotions. Domination, where selfish greed and sociopathic tendencies are cause of celebration. Manipulated puppets on a string, our egos stroked is what we need, victims of the mental games, living one big useless game. Busy lifestyles no room to live, slaves to the system is for what we live. Misogyny keeping women second best, violence on them it sheds, hatred spreading and the world is consumed by the deadly plague spreading. Infecting humanity with its deadly poison, infecting minds that are going through corrosion. Terrorism, wars, crimes of hate, waking up to life when it’s too late.
Bleeding souls, empty souls, infected souls, screaming souls, to this disease we sell our souls.
Watching life pass us by, too late, we are not ready to say goodbye. Lives stolen one way or another, people betraying themselves, stolen lives, the disease either steals your soul or makes you kill your body or identity, society is the host that invades it with it’s destructive notions, it makes people feel inadequate and incomplete, creating struggles to accept who we are within. Taking away choices it tries, vulnerabilities rise, time is taken from our lives in many ways it claims our souls before we die.
Homes that can’t be brought, poverty and even with jobs being broke. A desolate world, starving its people of food, love, water, self acceptance, freedom and justice. Living for others and not ourselves, ruled by oppression this world isn’t fair. In our sweat we soak, in our blood we sit, robots to society unable to function or sleep. Survival every day, on us society preys.
We need a revolution, to find our voices and take power back, humanity is what society lacks. We need to challenge what it lacks, know that what we are taught are lessons that have lacked. We need to break the shackles to set us free, to reclaim back our life, a revolution is what we need in life. Standing together we are strong, we can mend the wrongs.
Fighting for our souls, let’s be the antidote to the disease, no longer the walking dead, with brains that rot, lets take back the life that society wants to be forgot. Let’s rebel against the system for better change, let’s be the change ourselves, for the revolution starts within, change starts with us, revolutionise our ways we must.
The battle starts within, to combat the attacks of this virus all around, let’s unite all around. Let’s break free from this oppressive society and live in freedom and peace and humanity.
Let’s spread our wings and fly, no longer absorbing all the lies. Manipulated to do another’s will, when will this power be killed? When will we control our fate? Let’s not hesitate to act before it’s too late. We only get one life; to be controlled is not a life. For our human rights let us now stand.

© Antonella Zottola

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