Why counselling?

Why counselling?
  • You may be seeking help with clarity in some areas of your life
  • You may want to work through complex emotions
  • You may want to be supported to work through traumatic experiences
  • You may want help to challenge negative thinking patterns
  • You might wish to learn new techniques to cope with difficult situations
  • You may be focused on personal growth
  • You might just need a safe space to talk
What to expect As a therapist I will not: ·      Try to fix you ·      Give you advice ·      Tell you what to do ·      Pretend I know more about you than you do ·      Assume what is best for you ·      Have all the answers ·      Make the hard stuff go away As a therapist I will: ·      Remind you that you are not broken ·      Give you room to access your own wisdom ·      Support you in figuring out what to do ·      Recognise that you are the expert of your own life ·      Remember that only you know what is best for you ·      Honour that I don’t know it all ·    Collaborate with you on how to make the hard stuff easier to sit with